Grow your coaching practice by introducing our proven, done-for-you nutrition program... today!

Have you been looking for new ways to market yourself or develop new offerings to add revenue to your business? 🤔

Do you find yourself spending too much time creating handouts or resources for your clients and wishing you could have them professionally designed?

Or do you simply not have time to create the tools you’d really love to share with your clients?

We’ve got your back 🙌 ✅

We make it super easy for you to integrate beautifully-designed nutrition programs into your business so you can focus on the thing you do best: supporting your clients to make healthy, life-altering changes.

Koso’s done-for-you Clean Eating program is a 14-day guide to clean eating, with a step-by-step approach, so you can support a client who’s ready to start a new way of eating 💪

What's inside

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You get a beautifully designed program, crafted by our Certified Holistic Health coach with 10+ years of experience. You can use it as-is with clients, edit it however you want, or use it as a base to kickstart your own program. It’s in a Google Doc format, so it’s easy to access and edit anywhere, plus you can easily “Print as PDF” to get a nice printable copy. Here’s what you get inside:

  • ✅ Intro / Why It Works
  • ✅ How To Do It
  • ✅ What’s In / Out
  • ✅ Success Tips
  • ✅ Shopping Lists
  • ✅ Sample Menus
  • ✅ Recipes
  • ✅ Cooking Tips
  • ✅ Eating Out
  • ✅ Meal Prep + Food Delivery
  • ✅ Motivational Quotes
  • ✅ Other Resources
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Get clients amazing results

Our food + feeling journal is free for anyone who wants to track their food journey. (Get it here)

But as a coach, when you pick up a copy of the Clean Eating program, you’ll get complimentary access to the Koso Journal Coaching System.

Invite your clients and you can see the food/feelings they log, when they logged it, and how active they’ve been. Watch you client compliance + success grow!

So many ways to
grow your business!

With a done-for-you program like this, there’s dozens of effective, creative ways you can use it to grow your business today:

Save tons of time and 💰💰💰

You could invest 100+ hours writing down your nutritional approach, another 50+ hours (an entire week) editing it all down. Then pay a hard-to-find, talented designer for a week @ $50/hr (totaling $2,000) to help you design the layout and graphics, then work with a web developer to figure out how to make it easy to work with online and as a PDF, paying them $75/hr for a week (totalling $3,000) —that’s over $5,000+ and easily 200+ hours of your time!

...Or, you could pay only $98 right now to get all of that immediately—a done-for-you nutrition program crafted by experienced pros.